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One major part of site preparation is getting the land clear and ready for excavation. But you don't have to bring in a whole separate team to take care of tree removal for you.

RL Excavation in Somerset, PA provides large-scale land clearing services to help you get ready for construction. We've got the right equipment and experience needed to bring down fully grown trees, clear overgrown underbrush and dig up stumps so we can then excavate and prep for your foundation.

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When you have multiple trees to bring down before you can build, don't hire a tree removal company that will charge you per tree. Partner with RL Excavation who will clear your entire lot for one set price. Our comprehensive land clearing services cover everything from start to finish, including the:

  • Consultation - we'll meet you and your contractor on-site to assess the land and get the specs of your project
  • Preparation - we'll locate power lines, gas lines and septic tanks to prevent damage.
  • Execution - we'll knock down large trees, dig up stumps and remove rocks to create a smooth construction site

We'll have your land cleared and ready to build. Speak with one of our land clearing contractors today to get started.

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