Large-Scale Septic System Excavation Done Right

We provide septic system service in Somerset & Greensburg, PA

Digging a hole for a septic tank is no easy feat. You can't put it just anywhere on your property, and excavating that much dirt requires heavy machinery. That's why you should turn to the pros at RL Excavation when you need septic system excavation services in Somerset & Greensburg, PA. We can accurately and successfully excavate for your new septic tank and trench the lines for water and sewage pipes.

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Trust our expert process

Don't hire just anyone to excavate for your new septic tank. Hire none other than our septic system excavation company to ensure a job well done.

Our experts will...

  • Find the right place for your new septic tank
  • Check for any underground utility lines
  • Excavate and remove dirt
  • Backfill the hole and trenches after installation
  • Regrade or slope the land accordingly

Speak with someone today to discuss your septic system service. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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