Set Yourself Up for Quality Construction Site Work

Let us take care of all the necessary topsoil services in Somerset & Greensburg, PA

The most important step in any construction project is the site prep and excavation work. That's why you'll want to hire an expert to prepare your construction site work.

Work with RL Excavation in Somerset & Greensburg, PA when you need excavation, grading or backfilling topsoil services. We can work closely with architects and contractors to create a solid and functional landscape for your new build.

Build it better with RL Excavation

RL Excavation can complete construction site work for properties big and small. No matter what type of project you're planning, our experts will be there to...

  • Clear trees to create your foundation, driveway or parking lots
  • Excavate holes or cutouts for basements and septic systems
  • Dig trenches for septic pipes, power lines or gas lines
  • Fill in dirt or topsoil around basements or septic tanks
  • Grade your landscape to ensure proper drainage

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